Muu Vainilla Diseño y comunicación

Design and communication
We position brands, develop strategies, lead creative communication projects We position brands, develop strategies, lead creative communication projects

What we do

We give brands personality We give brands personality

We specialize in:


    When a brand needs to present or promote a product in a didactical and dynamic way, we create animated videos.This resource is wide and flexible, for it can be used in any audiovisual support, aside from being an economical/inexpensive alternative that fits any client.


    We bring identity to brands, work in creating concepts and developing graphic materials, reflecting the image that each client desires and projects.

  • BTL

    When a brand provides its audience with great experiences, it shares and encourages a loyalty bond, that goes far beyond a simple display/exhibition through conventional means. That’s our job, thinking and developing actions that spark feelings between brands and consumers/users/their audience.

  • WEB

    We design and build friendly responsive websites, structured strategically for an optimal navigation and positioning, using HTML5 / CSS3 / Js.
    We also work with content administrators, such as WordPress, Magento or Drupal.


    We generate interesting and captivating Branded Content, which attracts the user on its own, and transforms it into the publicitary engine of the brand.

  • UI / UX
    UI / UX

    We generate interfaces for websites, apps, and social networks. We focus in designing a friendly structure, aiming to create the best possible experience for the user.


    We manage, plan and negotiate media in order to fulfill each client’s objectives.
    We select specific media to connect each product with its crowd/public/audience.


    Our video production team has two goals, creating profitable products for our clients, and having absolute control in the aesthetic and communicational development of each job. We manage the entire production process of each photo and video shooting.

  • Multimedios

    Brands generate specific or multimedia campaigns. Muu Vainilla adjusts to any of the traditional media, Radio, Tv, Public roads and Internet. We develop concepts that adapt to pieces that work in different media at the same time, or campaigns created exclusively for a specific media.

Reflejamos la imagen que desea proyectar cada empresa Reflejamos la imagen que desea proyectar cada empresa
Algunas de las marcas para las que trabajamos

Some of the brands we work with:

  • Erro
  • Honda
  • Corporación de Maquinaria
  • Carne Angus
  • Volvo
  • Gripper
  • Aberdeen Angus
  • INCC
  • Teleshopping
  • Conaprole
  • Flex Club
  • Silversea
  • Valdez y Cia.
  • Peluffo Giguens
  • Grupo Advance
  • WashTec
  • Proquimur
  • Tsingtao
  • Vacasa
Muu Vainilla Muu Vainilla


It´s a communication and design agency with one particular aim, making your brand desirable through conceptual, simple and good ideas and graphic work. Providing an integral service, reaching the traditional media, internet and innovations in media.

  • Pedro Martí­nez, Director
  • Guillermo Capano, Ejecutivo de Cuentas
  • Juana Ramirez, Diseñadora gráfica
  • Mathias Alvez, Desarrollador Full Stack
  • Javier Sotura -Diseñador Gráfico
  • Juliette Betancourt - Community Manager
  • Federico Viera - Diseñador Gráfico

The founders and members of Muu Vainilla are Universitary graduates, professionals in design and communication. They have developed their experience in diverse and recognised publicity agencies, working for high level clientes, on a national and international scale. They are people that have confidence in their work, and they execute it with criteria, responsability and joy, because avobe all, they love what they do.



Leonardo Coore

Blackstore CEO

We´ve always had productive and reliable experiences working with MuuVainilla, with very good results overall.


Marcelo Wilkorwsky

Oincs CEO

The experience of working with my friends at Muu Vainilla was very positive, dynamic and the final result has left us really happy.

Adrián Meneses CEO

Working with MuuVainilla was a young, creative, as well as professional, vital adrenaline shot for my project. They knew from the beginning how to read into where we were going, which ensured and simplified our clients response, and good results came as a product.


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