StandUp para Mantener la Sonrisa

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  • Client: Peluffo Giguens
  • Year: 2015

The Peluffo Giguens Foundation supports children with cancer and their families. Help them continue the fight. Share their joy and laughed with them.

Stand Up to keep the smile

An idea with the potential to become an epidemic. Thus began this action that little by little was infecting all involved.

The name StandUp To Keep the Smile is the reflection of the kids of Peluffo Giguens that day to day they rise with a smile to give battle, as if they knew that the joy helps to surpass everything.

The videos

The idea of generating a mini StandUp was aimed at creating a space where the kids had fun, demonstrating to people that all problems can be overcome with a smile. In this way we proposed to do something simple, and for that we appeal to the techniques of laughter therapy.

We did small filming where the children could show their joy through creativity and freedom of expression. In this way we let the children choose their jokes, their clothes and their elements to act and interact freely, spreading their joy to the public, making known the foundation and generating donations to Peluffo Giguens.

Web site and social networks

We created a website where the video was hosted and referenced each of the children represented by the aesthetics of their role on stage.

In addition to including the manifesto of the idea and the different donation channels, content was generated to be used in social networks promoting action and interacting with the public.