Prevení el Invierno

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  • Client: Blackstore
  • Year: 2014 - 2015

Blackstore is a multibrand clothing store, it has locals all over the country with a target audience of men and women between the ages of 15 and 35 years. The style of the brands in store vary from casual to urban, to skater and surfer.

Autumn-Winter 2015 Campaign

For the Autumn-Winter 2015 Blackstore campaign, we created “Prevent Winter”.
A campaign for public road and radio that in its youthful concept reads this way:

Bienvenido invierno, bienvenida esa temporada para Prevenir.
Para evitar las noches de soledad, el ocio improductivo, el clima, el gimnasio y todas esas cosas que nos exigen y nos fascinan del verano.
Bienvenidas las excusas con fecha de vencimiento, las mentiras piadosas, las comidas que engordan sin lamentos y los trabajos sin futuro.
Vos también dale la bienvenida al invierno 2015, prevenilo y acomodate para pasarlo como quieras.



Websites and Social networks

Prior to generating the website, we created a concept under the idea “your style, infinite versions”, we also decided to make a photoshoot of different outfits, that show the users the styles and combinations that handles the store.
We started to work on an institutional website, that keeps the brand present, adds value in the digital world, and operates as an outfit catalogue for the users.
At the same time we created a Facebook webpage, and we designed a strategy in order to attract followers that belong to the store’s target audience. We also created an Instagram account, which on a considerably short amount of time got more followers than its competition. In this social network, as in Facebook and Twitter we generated brand content so that the users choose us without imposing choose us without imposing ourselves through publicity.