• Client: Bodegas Tomasi
  • Year: 2014

It´s a winery with an innovative production concept, choosing unusual lands near the sea, in contrast to the rest of their competition in Uruguay.


The winery needed to display and promote their products, but moreso their production concept as their main difference with the rest, and this way, highlight the results of exclusively produced wines, given the lack of generated grapes, but with a higher quality level.


We developed a communication concept based in the local history where the production was generated, and created a legend that relates the navigation of the area with the tough nature of the marines that managed to reach land.
This concept was brought down to earth in hand drawn illustrations, bringing to life the communication means chosen with which the strategy would be carried out.

Digital actions

We created a website and communicated the wine types in the winery through digital campaigns and content generation in social networks.


We developed the packaging for their last fine wine line “Cabo de Santa María”. Its visual identity is based on the legend that provides it with a name, the Santa María Cape, and its visual concept stands for hand crafted process part of the production, this is why the drawings for this line were all hand drawn.