Hostal del Espinillo


  • Client: Hostal del Espinillo
  • Year: 2012 - 2015

Hostal del Espinillo is a Hotel & Spa located in Dolores City, Soriano, agricultural heart of the country. It has 21 rooms, pool, restaurant, gym, garden and the riverside view being one of its biggest tourist attractions.


The hostel was born as a shopping centre in a 100% commercial area, but due to its excellent services and natural advantages of its surroundings, it was decided to reach a bigger turistic goal.
The strategy we proposed consisted of using social networks to get people to know the hostel and increase the weekend occupancies, with a target public mostly integrated by couples belonging to an upper-middle socioeconomic level.


We recorded the area and hostel on a photographical level, then we analised the turistic advantages that the city and department had to offer, apart from the ones belonging to the hostel.
We made a fanpage and a website where we created weekend promos linking the benefits of staying with the allure of its surroundings. We gave out free nights, the winners became spokepeople for the hostel trough social networks by telling their experience.


Weekend occupancies rised on a 60% and week occupancies another 20%.