• Client: Bellmur
  • Year: 2015

Bellmur is a clothing brand for women, with a modern, avant-garde and versatile approach. They provide their clients the opportunity to dress fashionably for any occasion.


Bellmur needed to renovate their website, to reflect the level and quality of their products, breaking away from their local competition, and focusing on an international market.


We analyzed the clothing design and concluded that each collection has a distinctive presence filled with identity, apart from the different types of content they manage.

Therefore, we decided not to compete, and provide each piece of clothing with protagonism. In order to do that, the aesthetics of the website are minimal, with details that create a connection between the user and the content.


We developed a fully responsive website, suitable for any device.
We also generated a specific content manager, due to the need of showing the campaigns and lookbooks with different structures. This way, the website adapts to the new contents, and not the other way around.